United Methodist Women members put faith, hope, and love into action in their churches and communities.

You’ll see United Methodist Women members in their legislators’ offices, in front of capitol buildings, voting at general conference, marching in the streets, and writing letters to the editor. They provide supplies for women’s shelters, quilts for nursing homes, baby showers for mothers and children in need, school supply drives. Their fundraisers for mission bring together the community at sales and meals. Their educational forums offer opportunities for church and community members to transform themselves and the world.

In the 21st century, the world needs these women organized for mission.




For more than a century United Methodist Women have led the struggle for human rights and social justice. Many problems faced by women at the turn of the century have re-emerged in our own time with a new and demanding urgency.


† Concerns for the well-being of children, the elderly and disabled

† Homelessness and poverty

† New waves of Immigration

† Threats to the environment

† Health care and education

† Human Trafficking

† Human Rights

† International threats to peace


As we study these issues throughout the year, we use our creative energy to find ways to be a blessing to others through our actions.

Annual Garden Party


Fall Women’s Retreat


Women’s Book Club


Bake & Soup Sales


Mission U Too


Second Wednesday Morning Gatherings


Regional Missionaries

Regional Missionaries are a part of United Methodist Women’s International Ministries focus on women, children and youth. Continual outreach to work with ecumenical partners, especially in the development of resources and networks is a vital part of their work plans.


WE SEEK YOUR IDEAS for bringing women together for support, fellowship, spiritual growth, and doing mission together. We offer our resources and assistance to you as you make these ideas a reality. To share an idea, click here to contact Patti Marsh Cagle, LHUMC UMW President