Running With Mark 9


Day Nine – January 6, 2020

Read: Psalm 103:1-5 New Revised Standard Version


Psalms are meant to be prayed.  Here is Nan Merrill’s version of Psalm 103 from her book Psalms for Praying – An Invitation to Wholeness.  Read it through several times.  Notice what words, images or phrases speak to you.  Merrill uses lots of different images and names for God: The Beloved, Love, Mercy, the Way, Awaken, Promises, Voice, Voice of Love, Creation and more.  Is one of these images new to you?  Does one speak to you? You may wish to journal about those words.


Bless the Beloved, O my soul,

and all that is within me;

I bless your Holy Name!

Bless the Beloved, O my soul,

and remember the goodness

of Love.

You forgive our stubbornness,

You heal our disease,

You save us from the snares

of fear,

You crown us with steadfast
Love and Mercy,

You satisfy our every need and

renews our spirit like

the eagle’s.


Through You comes peace and

justice for all who are oppressed.

You make known the pathway of


and guide us on the Way.


You are merciful and gracious,

quelling our anger with your

patient Love.

You love us more than we can ask

or imagine;

in truth, we belong to you.

For You understand us,

requiting us not according to our

ignorance and error.

As far as the heavens are high above

the earth,

so great is your loving response

toward those who are humble;

So far does your enduring strength

uphold those who face the

darkness within.

As parents are concerned for their


so You come to those

who reach out in faith.

For our ways are known, our weaknesses

seen with compassion.


As for humanity, our days are like

the grass;

we flourish like a flower of

the field; When the wind passes over,

it is gone,

and that place knows it no more.

Yet the steadfast Love of the Beloved

is from everlasting to everlasting

to those who Awaken,

and justice to all generations,

To those who remember your Promises,

and follow your Voice.


The Beloved’s home is in our hearts,

as we discover in the Silence.

Bless the Beloved, O you angels,

you faith-filled ones who hear

the Word,

following the Voice of Love!

Bless the Beloved, all you people,

those who abandon themselves

into Love’s hands!

Praise the Beloved, praise all of Creation!

Praise the Beloved, O my soul!



I Am Loved



Prayer Focus:

Lord help me to listen, hear and follow the Voice of Love! Amen.


Grace and peace,
Pastor Karen Bruins