Running With Mark 5

Day Five – January 2, 2020


Read: Isaiah 44:1-8  God’s Blessing on Israel

Today we will use a practice for reading Scripture that is called “Lectio Divina”, which means “holy reading”.  After each reading of the passage, you will engage in one of four steps: Lectio (read), Meditatio (Reflect), Oratio (Respond), Contemplatio (Rest). 


READ – 1st reading – listen to the text as it is read.  What words, phrases or images do you hear?


Reflect – 2nd reading.  As you hear the Scripture read a second time focus on any particular image or phrase to which you feel drawn.

Why do you feel drawn to this particular image or phrase? What meaning does it hold for you? What could God be saying to you? Jot down your thoughts.  If you are doing Lectio in a group, after 2-3 minutes share with the group the image or phrase and why you feel drawn to it.


Respond – 3rd reading.  This time, as you listen, tell God what the passage evokes in you, then listen and respond to what God has to say.  Allow for 2-3 minutes of silence.  Lift in prayer the thanksgiving, concerns and intercessions that meditation on the text has called forth.


Rest – After the Scripture is read one last time, spend time in silence, resting in God’s loving presence.


Prayer Focus:

Talk with God about what you experienced through the Lectio Divina. 


Grace and peace,
Pastor Karen Bruins