Running With Mark 43


Day Forty-Three – February 9, 2020  



Mark 6:1-29 Common English Bible

  • The Herod in this passage is not the same Herod who was ruling at the time Jesus was born, that was Herod the Great. This is one of his sons who is known as Herod Antipas.  This Herod’s territory is only one-fourth the size of his father’s. 
  • John had gotten under Herod’s skin by telling him he should not be married to his brother Philip’s wife Herodias’
  • Did you catch that Herod feared John the Baptist. Why do you suppose that is?  Herod also listened to the words of John.
  • Herod has a birthday party at which his daughter Herodias danced. She was such a hit that Herod said he’d do for her whatever she wanted, and what she wanted was to have John the Baptist killed.  A guard kills John and brings his head on a platter into the birthday party.  What an unbelievably violent act has been committed on such an innocent man.
  • John’s disciples take his body away to be buried


What do we do with such a gruesome story?  As I read the story this time, I have been thinking about how John was a person who told others the truth about themselves, even when they did not want to see it.  He was known as the prophet in the wilderness calling people to a baptism of repentance.

Do you have someone you really trust in your life who will tell you the truth?   Who holds a mirror up for you to see yourself?


Be honest with yourself, how often has your doctor suggested that you need to lose a little weight or exercise a little more?  Even when you know the doctor is telling you the truth, have you acted on it?


Sometimes a boss may need to give some feedback to an employee about their performance.  It can be hard, but necessary, to hear the ways in which we are being coached to improve our job performance. 


It can be hard to hear some things, and we may be tempted to lash out at the truth teller, like Herodias did with John. 


Think about a time when someone told you a difficult truth that you truly needed to hear.  Was it a parent? A coach? A boss? A friend?  What did you do with the truth they told you?  Did you act on it?


Sometimes when we have gotten off track, we need someone to remind us who we are, holy and beloved children of God.  Who can you count on to remind you of this?


Buddha said, “Three things cannot be hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth”. 


The hymn, “Open My Eyes that I May See” has powerful lyrics about bringing ourselves fully to God, with all of our failings and foibles.  As you read the words and listen to the hymn, meditate on the line that says, “place in my hands the wonderful key that shall unlock and set me free”. Click on the link to listen to the hymn Open My Eyes that I May See

Open my eyes, that I may see
glimpses of truth you have for me;
place in my hands the wonderful key
that shall unlock and set me free.
Silently now, on bended knee,
ready I wait your will to see;
open my eyes, illumine me,
Spirit divine!



Remind Me Who I Am by Jason Grey



Prayer Focus:

Ask God to prepare your heart to receive the truth.

Offer thanks for the people in your life who will tell you the truth because they love you.


Grace and peace,
Pastor Karen Bruins