Running With Mark 39

Day Thirty-Nine – February 5, 2020  

Read: Luke 7:2-12 New Revised Standard Version

Listen to this song by Gungor.  What does it say about “the other”?

Us for Them by Gungor

In this reading Jesus continues to be approached by unexpected people.  Who was the Centurion? A Centurion was a Roman army officer in charge of 100 soldiers.  He represents all that oppressed the Jewish people, namely being under control of a foreign army.  This Centurion, the disciples say, loves our people and even built a synagogue for us.  The Centurion is not seeking healing for himself, but for one of his servants.  He recognizes the humanity of his servant, at a time when most regarded servants as “less than”.  What a mix of descriptors this Centurion has. 


Yet, it is this seemingly unlikely Centurion, who approaches Jesus in faith.  He recognizes the power Jesus has to command things.  I’m a soldier, he says, I order troops and they obey my command. The Centurion says that Jesus can do the same thing, to only speak the word, and the Centurion’s servant will be healed. 


The Centurion’s faith is remarkable because he had not been brought up in the faith.  Jesus sees the man’s faith.  “Not even in Israel have I found such faith.” 


Jesus does not say anything about healing the Centurion’s servant.  Yet, when the Centurion returned to his house, he found the servant in good health.


What do you think is the relationship between faith and healing?


Jesus’ reputation precedes him.  What was his reputation?

  • What is your reputation?
  • What do you do when someone you love falls ill? Are you calm? Do you panic? Are you the person in the family that holds things together?  To whom do you turn when you are scared?



Us for Them by Gungor


As you listen to this hymn, for whom are you called to pray?

O Christ the Healer We Have Come


Prayer Focus:

Pray for your friends who need healing.


Grace and peace,
Pastor Karen Bruins