Running With Mark 31

Day Thirty-One – January 28, 2020  

Read: Matthew 8:23-33

Another storm story.  Last week we read Mark 4:35-41 with Jesus calming a storm.  Today we are looking at the story in Matthew’s gospel.  What do you suppose is the different lesson to take from the story today?  Does a different word or image come to you out of this story?


Remember the setting on the Sea of Galilee which was surrounded by mountains.  Storms could pop up very quickly.  Several of the disciples were fishermen.  They knew the waters well and they had likely seen many storms.  What was it about this storm that frightened them so much?  Was it the intensity?  The suddenness?  Perhaps they knew some fishers who had drowned on the Sea of Galilee in a storm.


For me, the word that speaks in this second storm story is the word faith.  I think faith is a lot like a muscle, that is strengthened with exercise and practice.  



  • Did the disciples’ fear overtake their faith?
  • Does fear ever overtake your faith?  What would help you break that cycle?



Peace Be Still – sung by Lauren DaigleLet this song wash over you.  Hear the chorus, “Peace, be still”.


It Is Well – sung by Audrey Assad

Prayer Focus:

Talk to God about where you are in the boat.  Tell God about the wind and the waves that are crashing into your life and making you feel afraid.   Ask God for the peace to rest like Jesus rested, resting in faith.


Grace and peace,

Pastor Karen Bruins