Running With Mark 12

Day Twelve – January 9, 2020

Read: Psalm 113, God Helper of the Needy.  New Revised Standard Version


Listen to For the One by Brian & Jenn Johnson

It is a beautiful song testifying to our call to love others, as God loves us.  It uses the name Father for God.  Father is one of many images for God in Scripture.  What image or name of God speaks to you? Father, Mother, Creator, Redeemer, Holy One, the Great I Am, Yahweh, Savior?  

Here, once again, is a Psalm re-written by Nan Merrill in her book,  Psalms for Praying – An Invitation to Wholeness

Sing praises to the Beloved

of all hearts!
Sing praises, all you who would

honor Love,

sing praises to the Architect

of the universe!

Bless the Holy One from this time


and forever more!
Aspire to the gifts of the Spirit,

be open to Grace and express


Who is like the Blessed One,

the One who is Infinite Love,

Power, and Wisdom,

Who enters into human hearts

and brings comfort to those in need?

Yes, those who call upon the

Merciful One,

are lifted up and blessed with

new life;

They wear a crown of joy,

as they recognize their

Oneness with Spirit.

Come, all who suffer and are


open your hearts to Love!
Sing praises to the Heart of all hearts!

One of the things I love most about the Psalms is that they are prayers that pour out one’s heart to God.  In Psalm 113 we hear an invitation for all of us who suffer and are heavy laden.  There is no shame.  There is only an invitation to come.  Even within the invitation to come, is still a bold statement of faith to sing praises to God.


Music: “Come Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy” is a beautiful old hymn written by Joseph Hart in the 18th century.  May this hymn wash over us and encourage our hearts.  Click on the link to listen: Come, Ye Sinners Poor and Needy



Prayer Focus:

Tell God the places in your life where you are feeling weary and heavy-laden, or as the hymn says, “weak and worn”. 


Grace and peace,
Pastor Karen Bruins