Running With Mark 11

“I have given you abundant life to love and care for all creation.”


Day Eleven – January 8, 2020

Read: Psalm 2 New Revised Standard Version


Here, once again, is a Psalm re-written by Nan Merrill in her book,  Psalms for Praying – An Invitation to Wholeness


Why do nations and people plot against

one another,

setting themselves apart and conspiring

against the Beloved and those

who follow Love’s way?

They say to themselves, “We are free

of Love’s law;

humility and service are for others.”


The Beloved, who is ever present, can but

smile at their foolishness,

knowing that one day, they will

fall to their knees in regret.

Distracted by greed and arrogance

they do not hear the Beloved’s Voice

whispering in the silence:

“Awaken all of you living in darkness!
We are all One in Love Consciousness.

You live in my Heart even as

I dwell in yours.


For you are mine: I am your Beloved.

I have given you abundant life

to love and care for all Creation.

May it be for the delight of All.

Yet, to know Me, fears and illusions,

must be faced,

as an iron rod hitting a clay pot

shining Light into the darkness.”


Blessed are all who have asked

for forgiveness,

whose hearts radiate the Love

we all are at the core.





For the Beauty of the Earth – Mormon Tabernacle Choir



Prayer Focus:

How will you love and care for creation?



Grace and peace,
Pastor Karen Bruins