My Changing Self Retreat:

Exploring Identity, Sexuality, & Spirituality


Who: For Third – Eighth Graders from Lake Harriet UMC, Richfield UMC, & Minnehaha UMC

When: Saturday, February 23, 8:30a-3:15p

Where: Minnehaha United Methodist Church, 3701 E. 50th Street, Minneapolis 55417

Cost: $25/child; $40 family cap. Lunch & snack included.


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What? A day to explore – in a safe and loving environment – who we are as individuals and how we live in relation to others. We’ll discuss being made in God’s image, looking at our changing bodies and how that impacts our interactions with others. We’ll equip our young people with skills to filter messages received from peers and the media. We’ll also provide them with resources, and work together to identify their support network. My Changing Self is designed to be repeated as children/ youth age – with different topics covered with different age groups.


Why? Navigating through adolescence is challenging for any child. Children and youth are inundated daily by messages about body image, sexuality, and a myriad of identity issues. We seek to provide them with a means to make their way through this stage of their lives, knowing that their bodies are their own. Too often, we divorce religion and spirituality from a healthy body image and relationships. My Changing Self will incorporate conversations about faith throughout the day. We’ll celebrate who we are as part of God’s creation, and empower students to make healthy decisions around body image, friendships, and sexuality.


How? We’ll all gather at the same site, but will break into smaller groups by ages:


Third & Fourth Graders will focus on puberty/anatomy and hormonal changes, navigating social situations both in real life and in the digital realm, and LGBTQIA awareness.


Fifth & Sixth Graders will focus on mental health, including strategies for recognizing, coping with, and supporting peers with anxiety, depression, and other common challenges of adolescence. We’ll also focus on smart digital media use, consent and LGBTQIA awareness.


Seventh & Eighth Graders will focus on healthy relationships, sexual orientation & gender identity, and responsible social media usage, being mindful of both language and images.


Parents are invited to stay for an information session that will last until 10:30am. A resource table will be available as well to gather information to continue the conversation at home.


Resources used: Wonderfully Made, UMC Sexuality curriculum Our Whole Lives, UCC/UU Sexuality curriculum With guest speakers Rachel Navaro, Galit Breen, and educators from The Annex Teen Clinic.


Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to great conversations with your children/youth.


Janet Bomar, Lake Harriet UMC

Marcia Henningso, Richfield UMC

Jenia Strom, Minnehaha UMC