Ministry Milestones

Milestones are the significant cultural and developmental markers we experience throughout our lives. Babies take their first steps and proclaim their first words. Kids have first days of school and first nights away from home. Just as we mark these firsts in their everyday lives, we also want to celebrate the first in your child’s faith development: baptism, receiving their first Bible and more. It is our hope that by celebrating these Milestones of Faith, we will create sacred moments for your child and your family to engage in deeper conversations about what it means to be a follower of Christ.


Every child from 3 years to 5th grade celebrates one milestone event each year. These special “together times” are designed to give families a meaningful starting place in passing Faith onto the next generation. Milestones are kid friendly introductions to the adventures of prayer, baptism, communion, big church, Sunday school, their own Bible, liturgical calendar, and growing a servant’s heart.

Babies Milestone:

Welcome to the World

Age 3 Milestone:

Welcome to Godly Play

Age 4/Pre-K Milestone:

I Can Pray

Kindergarten Milestone:

Touch & See My Church

1st Grade Milestone:

Touch The Water

2nd Grade Milestone:

Taste the Bread

3rd Grade Milestone:

A Bible of my Own

4th Grade Milestone:

Worship Around the Year

5th Grade Milestone:

Heart of a Servant

6th Grade Milestone:

Bridging to Youth Program