Grades 7 to 9


Growing Together in Faith & Fun

Kids are important members of the Body of Christ today! In the youth & children’s ministries, it is our calling to empower young people to lead the Church and the world into a new day.  We explore faith, love, justice, diversity, compassion and service in an open atmosphere that doesn’t fear questions or differences of opinion. This friendly, faithful gathering of kids and youth also manages to have a lot of fun together!

Wednesday Night Pizza and Worship Lab
Wednesday nights are an important part of our youth ministry experience. Wednesday night programming starts with pizza and then we move into a worship experience that is meant to be fun, creative, and experimental. It will be high energy some weeks and more thoughtful and contemplative others. Youth, both Confirmation age and Sr. High, will be leading many weeks, through music, reading, speaking, acting, and serving. This is part of the Confirmation Sr. High experience and it is expected that all are in attendance.


7th Grade

7th Grade is an introductory time for youth to learn to ask questions, start using the Bible as a tool, specifically in the Old Testament, and then learning about the world of Faith around us.  In 7th Grade, the class looks at Judaism and Islam.  A visit to a synagogue and/or mosque is part of the 7th grade year.

When: Wednesday nights- 6:30-8:15p

Where: Fellowship Hall stage

What to bring: Bibles, notebooks, and folders are provided



8th Grade

8th grade digs in deep and looks at Jesus and the New Testament.  There is also World Faith study on eastern religions.  A visit to a Hindu temple is a part of the 8th grade year.

When: Wednesday nights- 6:30-8:15p

Where: Room 206

What to bring: Confirmation Bibles, notebooks, and folders.



Youth and Youth (YAY) Nights

This is a ministry where 7th and 8th graders will be broken into groups and paired with a group of Sr. High Youth, who will lead them in a faith based discussion.  This ministry nurtures peer mentoring and leadership empowerment among the youth.

When: First Wednesday of the month, 7:15-8:15p

Where: several rooms around church

What is needed: Discussion sheet



9th Grade

As youth enter their final year of Confirmation, this becomes a more intense focus on their own Faith walk as Christians, and as members of the Methodist Church. There are opportunities to connect more deeply with their peers, the Sr. high through a monthly Drop-In experience, and God through study, activity, discussion, and prayer. The first Wednesday of the month is Mentor Night, when each 9th grader will spend time in conversation with the mentor from the congregation.

When: Wednesday nights- 6:30-8:15p

Where: Rm 4 (across from Youth Room)

What to bring: Bible, notebook, folder




VBS Youth Leadership Team


Middle School Mission Trip


Ski Trip