7th-9th Grade

Wednesday Night Confirmation at Lake Harriet is a 3-year program focused on building relationships among the group, learning where God is present in our lives, and developing people who can reflect on their Christian faith with Scripture, tradition, reason, and experience as tools where they grow in their love for themselves, for each other, and for God. Wednesday night programming starts with pizza at 6:00, and then we move into a fun, creative, and experimental worship experience at 6:30p. This worship is a required part of Confirmation that all Confirmation students will have a leadership role in over the course of the year. Following worship, we gather as a large group of 7-12th graders for fun team-building and games to develop connections. The group then disperses to smaller age-based groups for a more focused and intentional experience. For more information, contact Pastor Chris Carr.


Wednesday Night Pizza and Worship Lab

Wednesday nights are an important part of our youth ministry experience. Wednesday night programming starts with pizza and then we move into a worship experience that is meant to be fun, creative, and experimental. It will be high energy some weeks and more thoughtful and contemplative others. Youth, both Confirmation age and Sr. High, will be leading many weeks, through music, reading, speaking, acting, and serving. This is part of the Confirmation Sr. High experience and it is expected that all are in attendance.

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Wednesday Worship Lab


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